Best Desk for Multiple Monitors in 2022: Reviews with Comparisons

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It is difficult for people with limited space to find a computer desk that can support their office essentials. It’s not just about having enough room for the equipment, but also being able to organize everything in an orderly manner. A computer desk that can accommodate multiple monitors and other essential items is perfect for small spaces.

It provides comfort while elevating productivity by efficiently organizing your workspace. There are many designs available, so finding the right one should be easy on any budget. The best part? You don’t have to sacrifice style or quality when shopping around! Read on to find out the best desk for multiple monitors.

Desk for Multiple Monitors – Reviews

Comparison Chart

EUREKA ERGONOMIC Gaming Desk 60″ Home Office Computer Desk, New Polygon Legs Design, Captain Series (60 Inch, Black)
51k 9NBlg1L. SL500
L Shaped Gaming Desk, Home Office Desk with Round Corner Computer Desk with Large Monitor Stand Desk Workstation
41mYM0+O9cS. SL500
CubiCubi L Shaped Desk Computer Corner Desk, Home Office Gaming Table, Sturdy Writing Workstation with Small Table, Space-Saving, Easy to Assemble
41wtMY8kf3L. SL500
SZXKT L Shaped Desk Home Office Corner Desk 67″ Computer Table Sturdy Gaming Desk Wooden Table Workstation Reversible Modern Simple Multi-Usage Desk with Storage Bag Space-Saving Writing Desk(Black)
51S9MYnResL. SL500
LEMBERI 63 inch Gaming Desk, Z-Shaped Computer Desk with Free Large Mouse Pad, Professional Game Work Station, PC Gamer Table with USB Gaming Handle Rack, Stand Cup Holder&Headphone Hook(63″, Red)

EUREKA ERGONOMIC Home Office Computer Desk

Sit as long as you want and never hurt your back again. This Eureka home office computer desk was made for gamers and will make any room a high-tech, high performance gaming center.

The sleek 60” desktop provides plenty of space to place your monitors, console, and keyboard and keeps all of them organized on its free mesh surface with slots that keep everything in the correct position. That is just one of the benefits this brand new Captain GIP-P60 Gaming Desk offers to help you elevate your experience like no other challenger before it.


  • A place for everything and everything in its place: includes two side mesh panel cup holders to keep your water or soda bottles within reach, a power tower shelf for your computer tower and monitor stand, a keyboard tray that slides in smoothly from either side of the desk, two additional cup holders to place your mouse or cellphone on, and a lower shelf for keeping your speakers, printer, filing cabinet or books
  • Universal keyboard drawer which is situated away from your other equipment, this keyboard drawer is easy to access while allowing you to keep your other items in place
  • Four different height settings and an adjustable keyboard shelf help keep you sitting in the ideal ergonomic position
  • Smooth, stable surface


  • Assembly is required
  • It doesn’t have a large surface area

Casaottima L Shaped Home Office Desk

51k 9NBlg1L. SL500

The Casaottima L Shaped Home Office Desk is an elegant addition to your home office. Tired of common rectangular desks? Now, you can feel great without spending too much with this L-Shaped desk that offers plenty of space for storage and is easy to use.

It provides an optimal effortless working environment that brings comfort to your day; plus save more space for drawing, studying or gaming.

Furniture experts recommend saving yourself time by checking this desk’s dimensions beforehand – it measures 51″ (length) x 51″(breadth) x 18″ (height) and offers an optional monitor shelf that can be adjusted readily according to your needs. This is the best choice when you’re looking for a compact yet versatile surface that won’t take up too much space.


  • The surface offers three options for storage, including a monitor stand with an optional shelf affixed beneath it for your laptop or printer, 2 wire management holes
  • The matching wooden drawer, that can hold a variety of office essentials including a small printer or laptop, enhances the aesthetic appeal of the desk
  • The large area for placing your equipment, along with an L-shape design which allows for more legroom than traditional models


  • Assembly is required and can be a little difficult. It requires two people to put together the desk

CubiCubi L Shaped Desk Computer Corner Desk, Home Office

41mYM0+O9cS. SL500

Are you looking for an office desk that’s both stylish and practical? Cubicubi L Shaped Desk is the one for you! The spacious work area provides plenty of room for your computer, wires, pens, keyboard, mouse, or anything else. It can be moved conveniently up to any desired height due to its gas-lift mechanism. There are a variety of colors to choose from so no matter what kind of style you’re going for this desk is perfect.

For those with limited space at home or in their offices, this desk couldn’t be more ideal. Measuring 66.9″ x 47.3″ ×29 1/8″ it won’t consume too much room yet still provide ample storage on the shelves underneath.


  • The beautiful wood slats that form the surface have a matte finish and are scratch resistant
  • Great size for a home office, 60” by 39”
  • Wider surface area to place your equipment and a matching wooden drawer that holds a laptop or printer


  • The surface is not glass or metal but wood, which makes it difficult to clean

SZXKT L Shaped Desk Home Office Corner Desk

41wtMY8kf3L. SL500

Looking for a way to spruce up your home office or small dorm? Well, here’s a desk that will fulfill all of your needs.

With its modern design and conveniently compact style, this SZXKT L Shaped Desk is sure to have you pledging allegiance to your new workstation in no time! This ingenious productivity-creator has more than enough space for a laptop or a PC on one side with two drawers underneath for extra storage.

Plus, it features an L shape which gives you more room on top as well as at the end where it integrates with another surface seamlessly! That doesn’t even cover how easy it was to assemble. You’ll love this L-shaped home office desk because it includes all the tools and instructions you need to assemble, so it’s easy to put together! With a durable construction, you can be sure that your new corner office desk will remain in excellent condition for many years.


  • Can be used in left or right corners based on the users preference
  • Large surface area can accommodate multiple monitors, keyboard, mouse, speakers, lamps, books, etc.
  • One wire management hole cut out to accommodate power cords and accessories


  • Does not come with a PC stand

LEMBERI 63 inch Gaming Desk, Z-Shaped Computer Desk

51S9MYnResL. SL500

This desk’s dimensions are 60″ x 24.5″ x 29″, and include one larger drawer and two smaller drawers which you can use to store books, pens, laptop, mouse or other accessories. You can adjust its height from 28″ (standing position) to 48″.

There is also a wire management hole to help you organize your cords and power strip. In addition, it comes with a free keyboard tray, to provide extra space for typing.


  • Sturdy steel frame to support multiple monitors and essential office equipment
  • Includes various features such as cable grommet for easy management, headphone hook holder to allow you to place them close to your ears for ease in listening; as well as storage tray which will help keep things out of sight so they don’t disturb your game playing space
  • Easy to assemble


  • The top shelf is a bit small and doesn’t fit very much
  • Surface is not scratch proof


What Is The Best Computer Desk For Multiple Monitors?

There are a couple of desks for those with multiple monitors. One is an L-Shape Corner Desk. This desk is designed for corner placement, so it can fit in smaller spaces. When placed in the corner, two of the sides are longer than the other two so it can fit in a corner. It comes with adjustable shelves and has four wire management grommets.

The second desk is the Z-Shaped Computer Desk. This one offers plenty of space for your office equipment and has a sturdy steel frame that can hold up to 260 pounds. It comes with various features, such as cable grommets, headphone hook holder, and storage tray.

What Is A Corner Desk?

A corner desk can save space and fit in a corner of any room. It is made to fit into unique points such as where two walls meet, which makes it ideal for maximizing home office corners.

Corner desks come with adjustable shelves and wire-management grommets that allow you to route your computer or monitor cords through them so they are out of sight. The most popular corner desk is the L-Shaped Corner Desk.

Does A Corner Desk Come In Different Sizes?

Yes, a corner desk comes in many different sizes. The smallest one measures 30 inches wide and is ideal for someone who will be using only one monitor since it’s not big enough to accommodate two monitors side by side.

The next size up measures 48 inches wide and is ideal for one monitor.

The largest corner desk measures 70 inches wide, which is big enough to accommodate two monitors side by side or three smaller ones.

What Is A Z-Shaped Or U-Shaped Desk?

Z-shaped and U-shaped desks are ideal for those who want to add extra space. They offer two work surfaces so you can have a monitor on each side of the desk, or you can add an office printer or extra equipment in the middle. They come with sturdy steel frames that hold up to 280 pounds.


If you’re looking for a desk that supports multiple monitors and helps manage office essentials, books, keyboards, printers, etc., then an ergonomic computer desk is the way to go.

There are plenty of desks on the market with various features such as a cable grommet for easy management; a headphone hook holder; or a storage tray that will keep things out of sight.

All of these features are designed to increase your comfort while also elevating productivity.

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