Best Desks for Students in 2022: Reviews with Comparisons

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The best study sessions require the right tools and environment. Key in any student’s study toolkit is a good, solid desk. Every college student needs a good desk to study at and store their school supplies. We’ve rounded up 5 of the best desks for students.

Comparison Chart

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Super Sturdy Gaming Computer Desk 47 inch Modern Office Desk Study Writing Desk for Home Office, Coleshome, Black
31ZQ5MakAnL. SL500
SHW Memory Preset Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, 48 x 24 Inches, Black
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FOLUBAN Rustic Industrial Computer Desk,Wood and Metal Writing Desk, Vintage PC Table for Home Office, Oak 47 inch
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Hago Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk Home Office Study Workstation Wood & Steel PC Laptop Gaming Table
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Yoleo Tower Computer Desk with 4 Tier Shelves – 47.6” Multi Level Writing Study Table with Bookshelves Modern Steel Frame Wood Desk Compact Home Office Workstation (Reddish Brown)

Desks for Students Reviews

Coleshome Super Sturdy Computer Desk 47 inch

41nbDPF5lPS. SL500

With a 47 inch wide workspace that will be perfect for everything from your laptop to filing cabinets, the Coleshome Super Sturdy Computer Desk is as practical as it is stylish. Stay organized with the five spacious drawers and two safe-to-touch pull out trays.

This 47″ computer desk has all of your organization needs covered. With adjustable leg pads and an elevated frame, this desk promises to remain steady even on uneven floors! It’s easy to move around too!

The cool steel finish provides durability with a sleek touch – no particle board here, just anti-scratch waterproof paneling that’s made of MDF boards twice as thick as average ones so they’re nice and sturdy.


• 47 Inch wide work surface

• Durable steel frame with MDF board

• Adjustable Leg Pads for Uneven Floors

• Easy to Move Around

• Waterproof Paneling


• No Keyboard Tray

SHW Memory Preset Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

31ZQ5MakAnL. SL500

The SHW Memory Preset Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk is here to save the day. It’s a desk that can be raised and lowered for flexible functionality which is especially great for those of you who want to stand during the workday – but it’s also perfect if you need to take a seat from time to time.

Now, with this desk, there are four memory preset options so you always have an option at hand when adjusting heights from 28″ up until 46″ which includes preventing any scuffs on your floors by providing specially designed legs that will not budge even without the motorized lift feature engaged!

With a digital display handset and telescopic height adjustment, this dreamy desk has all of its bases covered.


• Digital Display

• Four Memory Preset Options

• Telescopic Height Adjustment

• Prevent Scuffs on Floors with a Specialized Design

• Ergonomically Designed for Added Comfort


• Expensive

FOLUBAN Rustic Industrial Computer Desk

51oAm75nD0L. SL500

Add a little industrial, rustic charm to your desk with this versatile FOLUBAN writing table. Reminiscent of the clean and streamlined style of modern design, this computer desk is finely crafted from both MDF and steel manufactured in a smooth matte black finish.

Features include an ample workspace for your large screen computer monitor or two smaller ones, keyboard space for working at a comfortable distance from the expansive surface that will not lack adequate room for displaying things such as drawing boards, or color-coded shelves to take care of sorting all those knickknacks you collect from life.

Each shelf can be positioned according to need thanks to four screw hooks placed strategically along the back edge—these make it easy place them above each other if one should desire


• Black Finish with Steel and MDF

• Ergonomically Designed for Added Comfort

• Additional Shelves for Neatness


• Expensive

Hago Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk

41d8T7i53QL. SL500

This wonderfully designed desk is the perfect addition to your study room, bedroom or office that provides a place for everything and anything. The L-shaped corner design maximizes all space by creating more room for you to work.

The circular shaped corner creates an attractive workspace without taking up too much of your precious space. It has a modern elegance with a clean sleek look so it matches any décor.

You’ll enjoy a placed where technology can be used simultaneously on either side of the perfect angled round corners which help create an ideal setting for work from home balancing home life effortlessly!

There are plenty of storage spaces where files, homework, laptop etc can be stored securely and conveniently located close by – no need for carrying.


• Space-Saving

• Modern Styling with Clean Lines

• Comes in Multiple Colorways for Personalization


• Expensive

Yoleo Tower Computer Desk with 4 Tier Shelves

51G 3Q06U L. SL500

Whether you’re a writer, student, or just need some extra space for all your things and books that won’t fit on the floor- the Yoleo Tower is one of those must-have furniture pieces with infinite potential.

The one piece design features shelves on both sides so you can display plates and bowls as art, fill with items from your favorite hobby, or pull out those file cabinets to really free up some workspace.

Adjustable feet protect floors from scratches and provide stability when loading with heavy weights–you don’t have to worry about it toppling over like other two tier solutions whether you’re stacking up textbooks or searching for recipes online. 


• 4 Tier Shelves for Convenience

• Bamboo Construction is Eco-Friendly

• Adjustable Feet for Stability


• Expensive

Buyers Guide


You want a desk that reflects who you are and where you’re going. The days of the long, hard surface in front of a chair have been replaced by multi-surface designs that allow everyone from students to professionals to work in ways that are healthy for both your body and mind.

Ergonomic desks provide height adjustable work surfaces with different shapes. These desks are particularly helpful to students who like to concentrate by leaning on their elbows while writing or doing other school work.

The variation of shapes available allow for more natural positioning of the arms, wrists, and hands; reducing pressure points. When you’re at your desk it’s important that your back is supported properly too.


The best desks are made using durable materials. Wood is the most common, but steel and real wood veneer surfaces are also important. The material you choose will depend on your personal preference, but chairs designed for plastic or metal desks may not be suitable for furniture with wooden surfaces.

It’s also important that joints are sturdy – loose joints can cause desks to wobble.


There’s no single best desk size for all students. The best desks are those that fit the space available. Measure your room and consider how much space you have before choosing a desk.

Choosing a desk with adjustable features is helpful, too – it allows you to extend or reduce the surface as needed. You may also want a deeper desk if you have a multi-screen computer set up or want to use a large monitor.

Storage Space

You may wish to have a desk with drawers, but choose carefully. Drawers are extremely useful if you have lots of stationary or office supplies to store, for example, but are unlikely to be needed by students.

Check the space inside each storage space before making your decision – smaller spaces may prove awkward to use while larger spaces can lack style.

Set up

The best desks are easy to set up. Look for desks with pre-assembled components because they are easier to attach. Adjustable feet are also helpful – this allows you to ensure that the desk is stable and level before attaching other parts.


The best desks are affordable, but don’t settle for anything less than what you need. When it comes to desks, more expensive is not always better. More affordable desks are often just as good but come with fewer features. Think about your needs carefully before choosing between an expensive desk and a more affordable solution.


Do college students need a desk?

College students do need a desk, but the type of desk needed will depend on study needs. A small student desk typically has a single surface and one or two drawers for storage. This may be ideal if you need to store heavy textbooks near your main work area.

An L-shaped desk may also be more useful than a single surface. It can double up as storage space for books and other items while acting like two desks at once.

How big should college desks be?

Your desk should be wide enough to accommodate your monitor and any other items you use. A general rule is to leave at least 36 inches of space between items so that the distance doesn’t cause eye strain or muscle strain. Look for desks with surface areas that can be extended as needed. You may also want a larger desk if you study in groups.

What’s the difference between a college desk and a study table?

Study tables are smaller than college desks because they’re designed for specific tasks, such as studying or doing homework. They usually have single surfaces and storage space inside drawers or underneath the tabletop. These can be less stable compared to larger desks that feature crossbars on each leg but may be more practical in limited spaces.

How much is a good desk for college students?

You should expect to spend at least $100 on an ergonomic desk for college, but avoid cheap desks made with pressed wood. Quality desks are likely to have durable materials and sturdy joints that can last for years even when used regularly. If you need to save money choose a cheap desk that doesn’t have storage space or is small enough to fit in a smaller space.

College desks with drawers are more expensive but also likely to be more durable and long-lasting. Make sure that you check the inside of drawers before making your purchase – some cheaper desks may have poorly fitting compartment dividers that only work for a few months.

Does studying at a desk help?

A desk can help you achieve better grades if it’s comfortable, but choosing an ergonomic desk is not enough to ensure good posture. Sit up straight at the front edge of your seat and place feet flat on the floor.

Keep shoulders relaxed and spine straight so that you don’t slouch or lean forwards. Always check for correct work height and good lighting if your desk doesn’t provide enough illumination.

A desk can help you achieve better grades if it’s comfortable, but choosing an ergonomic desk is not enough to ensure good posture. Sit up straight at the front edge of your seat and place feet flat on the floor.

Keep shoulders relaxed and spine straight so that you don’t slouch or lean forwards. Always check for correct work height and good lighting if your desk doesn’t provide enough illumination.


There are many considerations to make when buying a desk for your college student. If you want an affordable and practical option, consider getting a cheap one without drawers or storage space that can be placed in any available space on campus.

The 5 desks we reviewed here are all good choices for college students but our favorite is the Coleshome Super Sturdy Computer Desk due to its wide surface area and easy set up.

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