Best Home Office Desks in 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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With more people than ever working from home, choosing the best home office desk gives you the ability to bring your office to you.

You’ll have plenty of space for all of your essentials while also creating a more peaceful environment to work at home.

Whether you need a desk with storage or an architecturally pleasing piece, there are many options to consider. From small, minimalistic desks to larger organizational spaces, there are many desk designs on the market.

Let’s take a look at five of our top picks.

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    Best Home Office Desk Reviews

    1. CubiCubi Study Computer Desk

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    The CubiCubi Study Computer Desk is a beautifully designed desk with many functional features.

    If you’re looking for a smaller workspace, this 47” desk looks spectacular when displayed in your home.

    Product Highlights

    Let’s explore some of the most innovative features the CubiCubi Study Computer Desk offers.

    • Side Storage

    Instead of taking a traditional approach to desk storage, this unit features hanging baskets on the side.

    These baskets are handy for keeping your documents organized while also holding onto smaller items.

    Since there aren’t any drawers at the front, this added storage will prove to be quite valuable.

    • Durable Design

    To enhance the durability of your new desk, it features a unique frame designed for stability.

    You’ll find triangular and diagonal iron braces that connect the frame to the desktop.

    Using this method, you’ll find it’s far less likely to wiggle, even if you’re a heavy typer.

    • Melamine-Faced Board

    Instead of using a giant slab of heavy wood, this desk features a melamine-faced board.

    You’ll find that the material helps make it considerably more lightweight, making it easier to move.

    Also, putting it together is simple enough for a single person, rather than requiring a partner.

    • Steel Frame

    Another significant feature that speaks to the resilience of this desk is its steel frame.

    Instead of using lower quality lightweight metals, the steel helps it withstand plenty of wear and tear over time.

    You’ll finally have a comfortable and sturdy desk that you can rely on.

    • Built-In Iron Hook

    As an added benefit, you’ll find a small built-in iron hook on the desk’s front.

    This feature is an excellent addition for hanging your headset or helping keep your cables more organized.

    What To Like About It

    The CubiCubi Study Computer Desk looks more aesthetically pleasing than expected and can be assembled easily.

    It consumes very little space in your office while featuring a streamlined, practical design when put together.

    What Not To Like About It

    The most notable disadvantage with this desk is that it has a few apparent quality control issues.

    Some of the holes for mounting the frame are poorly drilled, and the thicknesses of the legs could vary.


    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • Easily assembled
    • Takes up minimal space
    • Practical design


    • Poorly drilled holes
    • Some quality control issues

    2. Sauder Harbor View Computer Desk

    With a stunning salt oak finish, the Sauder Harbor View Computer Desk is fantastic.

    It’s the perfect option for a full-sized office, especially if you need a space with plenty of storage.

    There’s no doubt this will quickly become one of your favorite pieces of office furniture designed to fit into corners.

    Product Highlights

    There are several great features the Sauder Harbor View Computer Desk can bring to your home.

    Let’s look at some of its best highlights.

    • Spacious Design

    There’s no doubt you’ll have plenty of space to put to good use with this desk.

    Its corner design offers nearly two desks’ worth of space for all of your daily essentials.

    If you’re someone who deals with a lot of paperwork as well as a computer, its size is adequate for most offices.

    • Storage Solutions

    Another fantastic feature of this desk is that it speaks to all of your organizational needs.

    One end of the desk features three sliding drawers with a document drawer at the bottom for extra organization.

    The opposite end boasts a full-size desk cabinet, helping keep your non-essentials out of view but within reach.

    One of the more exciting features of the cabinet is that it’s adequately sized to support most PC towers.

    Using this, you won’t have to worry about keeping the heftier parts of your computer setup exposed.

    • Accessible Grommet Hole

    If you decide to store your PC tower inside of the cabinet, you’ll find a pre-drilled grommet hole.

    This hole is exceptional for cable management, allowing you to effortlessly wire all of your cables through the desk’s back.

    • Slide-Out Shelf

    If you prefer to keep your keyboard and mouse off the desk’s surface, you’ll love the integrated slide-out shelf.

    This feature also helps make the desk more ergonomic since your hands can rest comfortably on the shelf.

    With the integrated metal runners, the shelf features safety stops to prevent it from sliding out entirely.

    • Sustainably Manufactured

    When buying furniture, sustainability is essential to consider.

    The Sauder Harbor View Computer Desk is designed using engineered wood made from post-milling leftovers.

    Also, the manufacturing plant consumes significantly less energy since the remaining wood waste is used during manufacturing.

    What To Like About It

    The Sauder Harbor View Computer Desk offers a lot of storage paired with easy-to-use cable management.

    With its one-person assembly, you’ll be able to appreciate its well-engineered design over years of use.

    What Not To Like About It

    Although this desk looks remarkable in photos, the finish is lower quality than expected with its veneer coating.

    Also, the back of the desk is unfinished, which can take away from its appeal if it’s not placed directly in a corner.


    • One-person assembly
    • Well-engineered
    • Plenty of accessible storage
    • Convenient cable management


    • Unfinished backing
    • Inexpensive finish

    3. Coavas Folding Desk

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    The days of imagining a desk that requires no assembly are over once you bring the Coavas Folding Desk home.

    This unique desk design makes it significantly easier to have an attractive desk without the hassle of assembly.

    Product Highlights

    Perfect for dorms, home offices, and bedrooms, the Coavas Folding Desk has plenty of great features.

    Let’s explore some of the top highlights you’ll love having in your home office.

    • Folding Design

    Unlike other desks, this model is designed for ease of use.

    It boasts a foldable design, making it significantly easier to set up and take down as needed.

    You’ll be able to take it out at the beginning of the day and quickly pack it away for extra space in the evenings.

    • Compact Size

    Often, it can be challenging to find space in your home for a 50”+ desk.

    This model is perfectly sized for bedrooms and small apartments with its 40” width.

    You’ll find it will fit easily in the kitchen, living room, or even in the corner of your basement.

    • Waterproof

    Another interesting feature of this model is that it’s designed to be entirely waterproof.

    Even when exposed to liquid, there’s no chance of it deforming which speaks to its integrity.

    Since it’s manufactured from MDF, you’ll also find it very lightweight, making it even easier to move.

    What To Like About It

    The Coavas Folding Desk has a very functional design that will make it one of your most-used pieces of furniture.

    It’s great as a breakfast bar, makeup table, or even for crafting.

    Also, you’ll find it looks more expensive than expected, making it a functional, affordable office desk.

    What Not To Like About It

    One concern with this model is that it lacks support in the middle of the desktop.

    Unfortunately, this causes the desk to bend when put under significant weight, such as a heavy monitor.

    Another issue is that the desktop surface is rough, which doesn’t make it ideal for writing.


    • Ideal for apartments
    • Very easy to put together
    • Functional design
    • Looks more expensive


    • Bends under significant weight
    • Rough desktop surface

    4. Techni Mobili Contempo Glass Top Computer Desk

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    If you’re on the hunt for a uniquely designed modern desk, this model is one of our top choices.

    The Techni Mobili Contempo Glass Top Computer Desk has an iconic design that makes it a functional art piece.

    By combining steel and glass, it’s the perfect piece to compliment your other contemporary furniture choices.

    Product Highlights

    The Techni Mobili Contempo Glass Top Computer Desk features a relatively straightforward design.

    Let’s explore some of the best features you’ll be able to use daily.

    • Tempered Safety Glass Desktop

    By far, the most notable feature of this entire desk is the quality of the desktop.

    It features an 8mm tempered safety glass top that handles plenty of weight and changing temperatures.

    The heavy-duty glass can handle a significant weight, whether you need space for your laptop, desktop, or school books.

    • Steel Frame

    The intuitively designed steel frame is another excellent feature of this desk that adds to its aesthetics.

    It’s gently curved, which adds dimension to the entire piece while also offering remarkable stability.

    One of the more unique components of the steel is that it’s powder-coated and scratch-resistant.

    • Pull-Out Keyboard Tray

    Having extra storage to help you save space on your desktop is ideal for most at-home workers.

    With the help of the pull-out keyboard tray, you can manage a full-sized keyboard on the platform.

    However, it’s not as wide as we’d like, especially for using your mouse.

    Another helpful feature of the keyboard tray is that it’s crafted using moisture-resistant PVC.

    The laminate veneer coating on the surface helps break up the metal and steel, adding another aesthetically pleasing feature.

    • 110-Pound Weight Capacity

    As mentioned, this office desk’s desktop is designed to withstand plenty of wear and tear.

    On average, the tempered glass is rated to handle 110 pounds, while the keyboard shelf manages 33 pounds.

    You’ll find that once assembled, it feels exceptionally sturdy and ready for an assortment of purposes.

    What To Like About It

    The Techni Mobili Contempo Glass Top Computer Desk is another great option for a space-saving desk.

    Its assembly is simple enough for one person to manage, and it feels heavy and sturdy when put together.

    The desktop width is large enough for a single horizontal and vertical monitor if you use two.

    What Not To Like About It

    The most significant issue to be had with this desk is that it doesn’t ship with warranty paperwork.

    Another concern is the keyboard tray’s quality, as the material is too lightweight and soft, causing it to bend easily.


    • Easily assembled
    • Heavy and sturdy
    • Ideal for two-monitor setups
    • Has a small footprint


    • No warranty paperwork
    • Too soft keyboard tray

    5. Alera Valencia Series Desk Shell

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    When designing your home office, simplicity is often something to strive for to get rid of clutter.

    The Alera Valencia Series Desk Shell is part of an entire desk system but can be used independently.

    Its functional design makes it an exceptional choice for your home or commercial office space.

    Product Highlights

    There are a few great features the Alera Valencia Series Desk Shell has to offer.

    Let’s look at some of its most remarkable features.

    • Commercial-Grade Laminate

    One of the most notable highlights of this desk is that it’s crafted using commercial-grade laminate.

    Its style is reminiscent of something that you would see in a corporate office with remarkable quality.

    The laminate is not only stain-resistant but is also water- and scratch-resistant.

    • Protective Banding

    You’ll find the entire edge of this model features a 3mm protective banding.

    This edging is designed to prevent the material from splintering and bumping over time while adding a distinctive finish.

    • Two Grommets

    At the top of the desk, you’ll find two pre-drilled grommets available on either side.

    These grommets are a fantastic solution for your cable management needs, keeping your desktop clean and organized.

    • Modesty Panel

    If you don’t intend on putting your new desk against the wall, you’ll appreciate the modesty panel.

    This paneling travels across the entirety of the desk, helping to shield your legs from view.

    • Desk System Component

    If you want to expand on your new office desk in the future, this is the first piece to start with.

    With the Alera Valencia Series Desk Shell, you can create an “L” or “U”-shaped workstation.

    All you need to do is purchase and install the other pieces to customize your work setup.

    What To Like About It

    The Alera Valencia Series Desk Shell is wonderfully designed with its thick and solid materials.

    You’ll appreciate the added cable management, assisting with keeping your workspace organized.

    Also, if you want to expand your desk in the future, this model is easily added to other setups.

    What Not To Like About It

    Installation of this desk will require two people since many of the pieces are pretty heavy.

    Another issue is that it doesn’t have any storage, so you’ll have to add it yourself.


    • Thick and solid
    • Impressive cable management
    • Easily added to existing desk setups
    • Heavy and durable


    • Two-person setup
    • Has no storage

    Buyer’s Guide

    Buying the perfect home office desk will require a little bit of research to find the ideal design.

    This buyer’s guide explores some of the most important tenets to look for to ensure you get the best design possible.


    The first thing you should consider when shopping for a new desk is its design.

    Desks can come in various shapes and sizes, with a width ranging from 23” to 70”+.

    Also, you can find models designed to sit against the wall, in corners, or in the middle of rooms.

    You’ll first want to consider where you want to place your desk and then take your measurements.

    This step will ensure you have all the necessary information to find the right desk shape and size.


    Another avenue where desks can differ is in the materials they’re constructed from.

    Some desks are made with laminate, while others feature steel and glass.

    Ideally, you’re going to want high-quality materials that can withstand plenty of wear and tear.

    It’s also essential to find a model designed for stability and durability.

    It can be incredibly frustrating to purchase a new desk only to have it wobble every time you type on your keyboard.

    Our recommendation is to find a desk with a wooden or glass desktop paired with steel legs.


    As mentioned, the size of your desk has a significant bearing on how effective it’ll be in your office.

    Even though it’s the most crucial piece of furniture, it’s also essential it doesn’t take up too much space.

    Fortunately, there are several space-saving desks that you can use in apartments, bedrooms, and smaller offices.

    It’s always important to make sure you take accurate measurements before purchasing a desk.

    You won’t want a design that’s far too large or a model that doesn’t give you enough workspace.

    Storage Options

    The importance of storage cannot be understated when it comes to your workstation.

    Even if you don’t deal with documents daily, you’ll still need space for extra cables, backup peripherals, and other small items.

    Without storage, you would need to place everything on your desk, which only adds to your work clutter.

    It can be beneficial to find desks with integrated drawers as well as cabinets.

    You might also want to consider a model with a slide-out keyboard tray sized perfectly for a keyboard and mouse.

    With these features, you can minimize the items that you have out on display for a more streamlined appeal.

    Cable Management

    Cable management is one concept that you won’t know is important until you need it.

    With all of the electronics we use daily, the number of cables in your office setup is only likely to increase.

    Built-in cable management solutions such as cable rails and grommets can be constructive.

    Using these features, you can run your cables directly from your monitor, keyboard, and mouse into your desk.

    It can also be beneficial for keeping your computer tower organized so that cables are out of view.


    1. Why Do I Need a Home Office Desk?

    Many people wonder whether a home office desk is truly necessary.

    There’s nothing more important than ensuring you have a comfortable place to work throughout the day.

    A desk gives you far more usable space instead of using your couch or bed to handle your daily tasks.

    Another advantage of a home office desk is that it helps separate your work from your everyday life.

    You can set up a station separate from your bedroom, giving you peace of mind once your shift ends.

    It’s also important to note the physical benefits of installing a home office desk.

    Having a desk means you’ll need a proper computer chair to help keep your posture in check.

    Also, desks help ensure you’re working ergonomically by keeping your monitor and keyboard at the perfect height.

    2. Do Home Office Desks Require Assembly?

    The majority of desks you find will likely require some assembly.

    With that said, there are foldable desks that you won’t have to put together.

    Fortunately, the majority of desk manufacturers make their pieces easy for a single person to assemble.

    3. What Is the Ideal Height of a Home Office Desk?

    There are a few features to consider when it comes to finding the ideal office desk height.

    You’ll want to consider your office chair, the equipment you use, and your height.

    For most people, desks between 28” and 30” tall are best for maintaining a healthy posture.

    4. What Is the Difference Between Home Office Desk and Table?

    Home office desks and tables can differ in terms of their functionality.

    Desks are often designed to have more storage, allowing you to keep your small everyday items out of view.

    They can also be preferred for managing documents.

    Office tables, on the other hand, are designed for open storage.

    You typically won’t have any shelves or drawers, allowing you to keep all of your office tools in plain view.

    However, they are also often seen as a more contemporary and aesthetically pleasing option.

    Final Verdict

    Our choice for the best home office desk is the Sauder Harbor View Computer Desk.

    Its generous size makes it an excellent solution for your office with an aesthetically pleasing design.

    You’ll have access to integrated cable management as well as two separate storage cabinets.

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