Best Minimalist Desks in 2022: Reviews with Comparisons

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It’s no secret that desk space is at a premium these days. With more and more people working remotely, we’re seeing a trend towards smaller desks that can be tucked away out of sight when not in use.

But the best minimalist desk isn’t just about saving space–it’s also about saving dollars. There are many ways to save money on furniture without sacrificing quality, so you don’t have to spend so much to get an attractive and functional desk for your home office or small workstation.

The following list contains some ideas for stylish and practical desks with all the features you need:

Comparison Chart

311tECre TL. SL500
Fully Jarvis Standing Desk 60″ x 30″ Natural Bamboo Top – Electric Adjustable Desk Height from 25.5″ to 51″ with Memory Preset Controller (Rectangle, Black Frame)
41ByydVJ7qL. SL500
bonVIVO Massimo Small Desk – Modern Work Table with Glass Top for Bedroom and Office Spaces – White
314QD4otEkL. SL500
Signature Design by Ashley Baraga Contemporary Glass L-Shaped Home Office Desk, White
DESIGNA Computer Desk with Bookshelf, Ladder Desk 48 Inch Writing Table Workstation, Space Saving Office Home Gaming Desk Multi-Functional Industrial Style Desk, Archaize Brown
418n53BhfLL. SL500
ZINUS Jennifer 63 Inch White Frame Desk / Computer Workstation / Office Desk / Easy Assembly, Natural

Best Minimalist Desks: Reviews

Jarvis Standing Desk 60″ x 30″ 

311tECre TL. SL500

This Jarvis 60″ x 30″ standing desk from Coaster Home Furnishings USA is a great choice for homes, apartments or condos. The surface itself has a tempered safety glass that’s over an inch thick and easily holds the monitor, keyboard and other items you need in your home office.

The frame is made of heavy-duty steel, giving you a sturdy surface for working or gaming in addition to holding up the desk top. It’s available in black, white or brown fabric.

The Jarvis standing desk has many great features including dual USB ports that allow you to connect devices without having to use loose cables or a hub. The height is fully adjustable to give you the most comfortable position for your specific needs, whether it’s work, gaming, paying bills or reading a book.

The instructions are easy-to-follow and each piece of this standing desk comes in its own box with all necessary hardware included. If you want a stand up office desk to save space and money, this is a great choice.


  • USB ports on the desktop allow you to connect your devices without cables. This saves money and time, since you don’t have to buy a hub or extra cables for multiple items.
  • Fully adjustable height lets you find the most comfortable position for any task–work, reading or gaming.
  • Tempered glass is more durable than other desk top materials and will keep the surface protected enough to last through years of use.
  • The steel frame means that you never have to worry about wobbling or moving when typing.


  • Some people may find the kinks in the cable management system a little too difficult to work with.
  • It is heavy, which means you’ll need help putting it together or taking it apart when moving.

BonVIVO Massimo Small Desk

41ByydVJ7qL. SL500

This compact BonVIVO Massimo small desk with two drawers is perfect for homes, dorms and even offices. The furniture quality desktop is made of high-density fiberboard and comes in your choice of several colors: black , white, red, orange or light brown . You can choose between a modern grey metal or brown wood frame.

According to the manufacturer, this desk can hold up to 40 lbs on top without issue. The small desk has 2 drawers for storage of office supplies, pens, paper clips and more. It’s easy to put together with hardware that’s included in each box– just follow the simple instructions provided.

The BonVIVO Massimo small desk is a great value. You’ll get a sturdy, compact and stylish piece of furniture with all the features you need for your home office or study at a price that’s easy on your wallet.


  • Small size means it can fit in any room and doesn’t take up much space.
  • High-density fiberboard is durable, even with heavy items like heavy books or a computer monitor.
  • Color selection gives you the opportunity to choose your favorite shade, from vibrant orange to elegant brown cherry.
  • Two drawers for storage of office supplies and other items, with a weight limit of 40 lbs.
  • Drawer handles are made of zinc alloy for durability and beauty.


  • The shiny metal frame may be an eye-catching piece that you will love or hate–depending on your style.
  • Two people are necessary to move this desk, even though it is compact in size. Otherwise, you risk injury from the heavy weight of the desktop.

Signature Design by Ashley Baraga Corner Desk

314QD4otEkL. SL500

A great value for anyone needing a small desk with lots of storage, the Signature Design by Ashley Baraga corner desk is perfect for saving space and giving you easy access to work or study materials. It has 3 drawers: one file drawer and 2 smaller drawers in front. There’s also a cabinet underneath the desktop that can be used for extra storage.

The modern black finish of the Signature Design by Ashley Baraga corner desk matches many decors, but you can also choose your favorite color from a selection of neutral colors: black, brown, green or blue .  The glass desktop is 1/2″ thick and has a smooth surface that’s easy to clean. The desk also has a small shelf on top that can be used for decor or display.

The nice thing about this corner desk is the ease of assembly. The manufacturer states it should take under 30 minutes and all tools for assembly are included in the box. It’s very sturdy and won’t wobble, even when using it with a desktop computer.


  • The 3 drawers are handy for housing paper clips, pens and other office supplies.
  • Glass desktop is easy to clean with a damp cloth or by using glass cleaner.
  • Small shelf on top of the desk is great for display items or pictures you want to show off.
  • Corner desk saves space by folding under when not in use.


  • Drawer handles are not of the highest quality and may break off with rough use by kids or adults.

DESIGNA Computer Desk with Bookshelf

This modern and stylish DESIGNA computer desk has a large desktop– perfect for your monitor and keyboard with room to spare. The frame is made of steel, giving you a sturdy surface that will last. This desk doesn’t require assembly; simply take it out of the box and set up the desktop with your desired configuration (there are many designs to choose from).

The DESIGNA modern computer desk has a bottom shelf that is perfect for extra storage of items you don’t want out on the desktop. The cabinet door closes securely with a magnetic latch, so you’ll know your things are safe from prying little hands. There’s even a small drawer inside the cabinet to hold pens, notepads or other items you want to put away.

One neat feature of the DESIGNA desk is that it has a hideaway shelf underneath where you can store your keyboard and mouse when they’re not in use. The desk surface is 1/2″ thick for a stable, sturdy platform and the desktop itself measures 27″ wide by 31.5″ deep. It’s made of high-quality MDF for easy cleaning and care .

This modern computer desk with storage is perfect for use in either home offices or bedrooms, as the sleek design will match any décor. Plus it’s affordably priced to give you lots of space without breaking your budget.


  • Desktop is wide enough to fit a standard monitor and keyboard.
  • Bottom shelf provides extra storage space for anything you don’t want out on the desktop.
  • Cabinet door has a magnetic latch so your items will be safe and secure inside.
  • Mouse and keyboard can be stored in the hideaway compartment underneath the desk when not in use .


  • Bottom shelf isn’t very deep, leaving not much space to store items.

ZINUS Jennifer 63 Inch White Frame Desk

418n53BhfLL. SL500

This ZINUS Jennifer 63 inch white frame desk is perfect for your home office or study. It has a tempered glass desktop that’s easy to clean and very durable. The desk sits on an aluminum frame that gives it stability and won’t wobble or bend, even when you’re working at the desk with it fully loaded down .

The ZINUS Jennifer 63 inch glass desk is made of tempered frosted glass and comes in a white finish with chrome accents for a fresh, modern look. The top surface is 18″ deep and there’s plenty of room underneath to store books, files or other items you might need out of sight .

While this white frame computer desk performs well as a small study desk, it’s also great for anybody looking to use their laptop for work. The top surface is wide enough (18″ deep) to hold your laptop and other items you need close at hand .

This ZINUS Jennifer 63 inch glass computer desk is easy to assemble, requiring no tools. It’s even very durable so it will hold up well over time.


  • Glass top is easy to clean and keeps you from having to worry about glare or streaks.
  • Tempered glass won’t scratch easily and won’t break if you accidentally hit it with your elbow.
  • Bottom shelf provides extra storage space underneath the desk.
  • Aluminum frame gives this desk a solid feel without being too heavy.


  • This computer desk won’t fit large monitors or other big electronic devices

Buyers Guide

Types of desks

Computer desk

A computer desk is a desk specifically designed for use with a computer. Computer desks range from simple, inexpensive tables to high-end models costing thousands of pounds.

Computer desks typically have at least one shelf used to hold the computer tower and other peripherals such as printers. Many computer desks also feature drawers for additional storage space. Some may also include a keyboard tray and other features such as bookshelves, cord management, and cable ports.

Standing desk

A standing desk is an alternative to sitting desks. Standing desks are considered healthier than sitting desks because they promote good posture and circulation. Although there are no negative side effects to using a standing desk, sitting desks are the more common choice because they do not require any adjustments or changes.

L-shaped and corner desk

An L-shaped desk is a type of computer desk that features two right angles, which allow for both ample work and storage space. Corner desks are similar to an L-shape desk but they take up more space and have no designated areas for storage or work.

Desktop Material

Desks usually have wood or particleboard tops, but there are many other options available for you to choose from. These include glass, metal or plastic. The material will depend on your needs and how much money you wish to spend. For example, if you want a desk with a large top surface area, make sure the base is big enough to support it.

Wood Desk Finishes

If you don’t like the color of wood, there are plenty of options to choose from. This includes paint (and primer!), stain and even special coatings with designs on them. These can be fun for children’s desks but also make great gifts if you want to decorate someone’s home office or study for them .

Desk Size

Desk sizes are usually listed on the description of each item. A large desk for home offices should be at least 30″ deep and 24″ tall . This will give plenty of room to hold a filing cabinet on one side, shelves underneath or spacious top space where you can move things around easily.

Make sure your computer desks have enough surface area to hold all your devices and accessories. This is especially important for those who have multiple computers.


Home office desks can be found for as little as $25, but the more expensive options are usually higher quality. The good news is that you will likely have your desk for many years, so splurging a bit on one now could help you save money over time since it should last longer.


What are the common desk shapes?

Common desk shapes include L-shaped, U-shaped and circular. If you need to fit two people at the computer desk, consider one with an ‘L shaped’ design. These desks are great for collaborative work or studying because they give you enough room to spread out your computer screens. It’s important that both people have enough space so they aren’t crowded together.

What are the standard desk dimensions?

The most common desk dimensions are 24″ x 48″, but there is a lot of room for customization. If space is an issue, you can even find small desks that measure 36″ x 24″. These fit well into small rooms and give you the storage area you need for files and books with enough room to move around freely.

What do I do if my desk starts to wobble?

If your desk is wobbly, it may be because the screws are not fully inserted. This happens often on glass desks since you only need to tighten some parts of the frame together. If it’s loose in some places, try tightening up all the screws until they are flush with the surface.

How do you maintain a minimalist desk?

Just like you would treat any other piece furniture, such as a table or dresser, you need to clean and dust your desk on a regular basis. This helps prevent it from getting ugly over time. Simply wipe down the surface with a good glass cleaner and cloth. Keep both in a convenient location so you don’t have to search for them all the time.

How do I keep my desk uncluttered?

The first step to keeping your desk clean and organized is to pick a storage system that works well for you. This could be as simple as having a lot of drawers or cabinet space or going with a multipurpose tray or box. You can even build hidden compartments into the desk’s design if you want.

Keep small items in containers. This includes pens, pencils and paper clips. Keeping them in their own designated holder will also ensure they are always where you last left them after work or class.

How can I organize my desk without adding clutter?

The easiest way to organize your work area is by using bins. This helps you store big items like books and binders in one place so they don’t take up the entire surface space. You also have easier access when it comes time to find something or write something down quickly. 


The key to good desk design is finding the right balance between comfort and productivity. This means that you should consider your habits, tasks, and needs before deciding on a specific office set up for yourself or others in your home.

Fortunately, desks come in all shapes and sizes so it’s easy to find one that accommodates any space restrictions while also providing ample surface area for working comfortably.

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