Best Standing Desk for Tall Person in 2022

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If you need a standing desk to help keep you comfortable at work, you’ve come to the right place. Right now, we’re going to help you find the best standing desk for a tall person that you can buy. Not all standing desks are ideal for tall people, but the ones reviewed today certainly are.

Comparison Chart

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VIVO Electric Height Adjustable 60 x 24 inch Memory Stand Up Desk, Dark Walnut Solid One-Piece Table Top, Black Frame, Standing Workstation with Preset Controller, DESK-KIT-1B6D
31pMSLubaoL. SL160
FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk
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ApexDesk ET60-OAK Elite Series 60″ W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, 60″ Light Oak Top, White Frame
41qr6hKp7cS. SL500
FAMISKY Standing Desk Dual Motors, Adjustable Height Electric Stand up Desk, 48 x 24 Inches Sit Stand Home Office Desk, Ergonomic Workstation Black Steel Frame/Rustic Brown Wood Tabletop
31ECELp2YVL. SL500
Seville Classics AIRLIFT Pro S3 54″ Solid-Top Commercial-Grade Electric Adjustable Standing Desk (51.4″ Max Height) Table – Black/Walnut

Best Standing Desk for Tall People: Reviews

1. VIVO Electric Memory Stand Up Desk

413NE2P9fNL. SL500

If you are looking for a fairly basic and affordable standing desk, then this could just be it. It’s functional, good looking, affordable, and even features electric height adjustment.


It may look like a very simple desk, but it is very functional. It comes complete with an extremely powerful motor for easy height adjustments.

The height of this standing desk can be adjusted anywhere from 29 inches to 48.7 inches in height. It features reliable and durable telescopic height adjustment.

It can be adjusted to any height within that range. However, it also comes complete with three memory presets. This means that you can save your three preferred desk heights for quick adjustments.

On a side note, it also comes complete with friendly reminders to remind you to sit or stand throughout the day.

This desk is made with a very strong and reliable steel frame. It also features a solid one piece top that is 59 inches by 23.6 inches in size. This is more than large enough for two monitors, a laptop, a keyboard, mouse, and much more.

On a side note, you might appreciate the walnut brown appearance of this desk. It actually looks pretty nice, especially for the reasonable price that it comes in at.

This top is made out of pretty durable particleboard, and it can support up to 154 pounds. Particle board isn’t the best material out there, but for this purpose it’s good enough.

It should resist the damage and scratching just fine. Keep in mind that this desk does come with a 3 year manufacturer warranty in case anything goes wrong with it.


  • Easy height adjustments
  • Electronic adjustments
  • Can save preferred height
  • Durable steel frame
  • Decent weight capacity
  • Spacious enough


  • Particleboard top is not the pinnacle of quality

2. FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

31pMSLubaoL. SL500

Here we have a standing desk that comes in two sizes to choose from. It also has two levels, two drawers, and other awesome features as well. It also comes in at a rather reasonable price.


This desk is designed for ergonomic comfort and organizational capabilities. For one, it features a heightened monitor stand so you don’t have to bend your neck. It’s definitely ergonomically friendly in this sense.

Moreover, it also comes with a lower level for your mouse and keyboard. This helps to keep your arms and shoulders in the proper position for comfort.

In terms of space and storage, you also get two small drawers for storage purposes. There is also an open space under the top level, and between those two drawers.

Keep in mind that there is a 48 inch option and a 60 inch option to choose from. That said, even the 48 inch option is quite large and more than spacious enough for most purposes.

You might appreciate how this desk comes complete with rolling wheels for portability. The wheels do lock into place to ensure that the desk is stable and stationary while in use.

Moreover, this is of course an electric height adjustable standing desk. It can be adjusted anywhere from 32.48 inches to 51.38 inches in height. It also comes complete with three programmable memory presets.

The desk itself is made out of something like particleboard. It’s not the number one best material in the world, but it still gets the job done.

We do like how this desk comes complete with a very durable steel frame for stability. It can hold up a total of 150 pounds. On a side note, it also has cable management holes integrated.


  • Ergonomically friendly
  • Two levels
  • Plenty of space and storage
  • Easy electric height adjustment with programmable memory
  • Rolling wheels for portability
  • Looks quite stylish
  • Reasonable price


  • Assembly takes some time
  • The white paint is easily discolored

3. ApexDesk ET60-OAK Elite Series Standing Desk

31fEcu7n1KS. SL500

Here we have a beautiful standing desk with a real oak wood top. It comes complete in six colors as well as two sizes for you to choose from.


This is definitely a very spacious desk that comes complete with plenty of room for all of your office supplies. Here, you can choose from a 60 inch desk and a 71 inch desk. The fact that it comes complete in six different colors for you to choose from is pretty cool too.

This desk also has a slightly ergonomic design, as it features a concave mid-section. This allows you to sit close to the desk and easily reach items on the sides. It also features a cable management hole to help keep things organized.

Something that we really like about this desk is how the top is made with real oak wood. Now, this oak is very lightweight, yet also very durable and stylish. This real wood top can hold up to 235 pounds, which is actually very impressive.

Of course, the weight capacity also applies to the electric lift function. Yes, this is an electric standing desk, and it can be easily adjusted.

It comes complete with a simple remote for fast height adjustments. It can be raised anywhere from 29 inches to 49 inches. It also comes complete with four programmable presets for very fast height adjustments. We do also appreciate the high quality steel frame.


  • Two sizes to choose from
  • Very large and spacious
  • Lightweight yet durable oak top
  • Wide height range
  • Easy height adjustments
  • Four programmable presets
  • Durable steel frame


  • Somewhat high price tag
  • Motor may have minor technical issues

4. FAMISKY Electric Standing Desk

41qr6hKp7cS. SL500

Here we have another very durable and reliable electric standing desk. It comes in very many sizes to choose from, yet also comes in at an extremely reasonable price.


What really stands out about this desk is that the height control system is backed up by dual electric motors. Simply put, two motors are better than one, and it leads to a longer lifespan.

This unit allows for three preset memory functions for very fast height adjustments. It can also be manually adjusted anywhere from 28 to 45.5 inches.

What is also worth noting is that the motor here is actually very quiet. Overall, the hate adjustment system of this desk might just be the best one on the list today.

The overall weight capacity of the motor and the desk as a whole is 220 pounds. That’s a pretty high weight capacity and it should be enough for most people.

The steel frame is pretty tough as well. That said, the desk itself is not too heavy. It also comes complete with rolling wheels for easy portability.

What you might appreciate here is that you can choose from a 40 inch, 48 inch, and 55 inch option. The fact that you can choose a desk to meet your size requirements is a big bonus no doubt. Even the smallest of the three is still quite spacious. The top does look very nice, like real wood, although it is engineered wood.


  • Looks very stylish
  • Great price
  • 3 sizes to choose from
  • Dual motors
  • Quiet function
  • Easy height adjustment with 4 presets
  • Decent weight capacity
  • Rollers for easy portability


  • Tabletop has limited durability
  • Tabletop is made of two separate pieces – not very well jointed together

5. Seville Classics AIRLIFT Pro Electric Standing Desk

31ECELp2YVL. SL500

This commercial grade electric standing desk is just as good for home use as it is for the office. It’s functional, durable, quiet, and spacious. it’s not the most cost effective option out there, but it is very high in quality.


This has to be one of the simplest looking desks in the whole world. It consists of legs, the motors, and the tabletop. Now, it may be very basic and simple, but it is very functional.

For one, it comes complete with a real wood top, solid wood. We do really like the fact that it is a real wood top. Not only does it look extremely nice, but it’s also very durable.

The weight limit of this desk is a full 264 pounds, which is actually extremely impressive for something this small and simple.

This desk comes in at 54 by 28 inches. It’s not so large that it takes up an insane amount of space, yet not so small that it’s not functional. It’s got more than enough space for basic needs. It is a rather perfect size for fairly small spaces.

This particular desk features dual lift motors for easy and fast height adjustments. Two motors are always better than one, and these ones especially, are designed for maximum durability.

This desk can be adjusted anywhere from 25.6 inches to 51.4 inches. It also comes with four memory settings so you can program in your favorite desk heights.


  • High quality wood top
  • Great weight capacity
  • Superior durability
  • Reliable motors
  • Quiet and fast
  • Very easy height adjustments
  • 4 programmable height settings
  • Great size for small spaces


  • Relatively expensive
  • Nothing fancy in the least – literally just a tabletop and legs

Buyers Guide

Let’s provide you with some quick tips on exactly how to choose the best standing desk. There are five main factors to consider.

1. Types of Standing Desks

There are two main types of standing desks to consider. You have manually operated standing desks and electric standing desks. Manual adjustment standing desks are much cheaper, although harder to use. Having a motor to perform the height adjustments is of course something that makes life easier.

2. Height

You do want to pay attention to how high the desk in question can be adjusted to. Most decent models should be adjustable anywhere from around 30 to 50 inches. of course, your own height is going to make a difference here. It needs to be tall enough so you can stand without having to bend your neck or back when using it.

3. Weightbearing Capacity

All desks, standing or otherwise, should have a decent weight bearing capability. At the very least, a desk should be able to hold around 150 pounds. It needs to be strong enough to hold up computers, monitors, and all of your accessories. Remember that you will probably be putting some of your own weight on the desk as well.

4. Monitor Arm

Some high quality standing desks even come with monitor arms. These allow you to attach your monitors, and to adjust them for height and position as needed. Of course, this is something that you will pay extra for.

5. Desktop Surface Finish and Space

You do also want to keep an eye on the finish of the desktop surface, as well as the desktop surface itself. Real wood always looks nice, and it’s very durable too, although heavy and expensive.

There are many types of engineered wood out there that are ideal for this kind of purpose. It might not be the most durable in the world, but they are durable enough for office use. Moreover, they also tend to be much lighter and more affordable than real wood.

Yes, you do also want to pay attention to how spacious the desk in question is. Simply consider how much space you require, especially how many monitors you have, before making a purchase.


1. What is a good desk size?

For most purposes, a desk of 60 inches by 30 inches will suit most purposes just fine.

2. Should my desk face the wall?

If you aren’t easily distracted and don’t want any movement in front of your face, then yes, facing a wall is ideal. However, many people like facing doorways so they can keep an eye on things.

3. How long should I stand at a standing desk?

Research shows that the idea here is to stand for one hour for every one to two hours of sitting.

4. Do standing desks enhance productivity?

Studies show that up to 65% of people say that standing desks do increase their productivity. Moreover, 88% of people say that height adjustable desks are very convenient. They are shown to increase comfort, productivity, and health.


The best standing desk we recommend is the VIVO Electric Memory Stand Up Desk. It comes with everything you need and doesn’t cost a fortune. However, all five of the products reviewed today are truly great in their own ways.

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