Coavas Folding Desk Review

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There are a few unique features we’ll explore in this Coavas Folding Desk review.

As a desk designed to be moved, it will become a staple in your day-to-day work-from-home life.

Whether you need a new desk for work or gaming, it’s one of the better options to consider.

Coavas Folding Desk

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The majority of functional desks on the market are designed to be assembled and left in place.

On the other hand, this model is specifically designed to be taken down and moved as needed.

Folding desks are a relatively new technology that has become quite popular in small spaces.

With a small footprint, it’s ideal for apartments and bedrooms, even without taking it down after work.

Alternatively, this model folds down into the size of the desktop, making it exceptionally easy for storage.

It has a sleek and contemporary aesthetic that you’re bound to love as an even more significant advantage.

Who Is This Desk Meant For?

Anyone on the hunt for a new desk will appreciate the Coavas Folding Desk.

It has a simple and minimalistic appeal that makes it great for no-nonsense everyday activities.

You’ll find its style is quite similar to many more expensive contemporary pieces from furniture stores.

It’s also a fabulous solution for college students both at home and in their dorms.

As it’s foldable, you can take the desk out when it’s time for studying and put it away when you’re finished.

The low-profile size makes it easy to store behind furniture or even under your bed to help save space.

What’s Included?

There aren’t any extra features included with this desk, which is essential to note.

You won’t have a keyboard tray or built-in cable management.

We would recommend investing in padding for the bottoms of the legs to help protect hardwood floors.

Overview of Features

Some of the most notable features of this desk are:

  • Eight-Second Installation

Instead of spending hours trying to figure out how to put your new desk together, this model is effortless.

In fact, unpackaging the desk will take more time than putting it together when you’re ready for work.

Its unique folding design makes it easy to set up in under ten seconds.

  • Portable

Another significant advantage of this desk is its portability.

It’s an excellent solution for traveling artists, aestheticians, and musicians.

You’ll find the materials are exceptionally lightweight without taking away from the stability of the desk.

  • Waterproof Materials

It can be frustrating to purchase a new desk only to have it get damaged from accidental spills.

Fortunately, this model features an MDF desktop with a waterproof coating.

You won’t have to worry about the material warping if it gets exposed to moisture over time.

  • Textured Desktop

At first glance, the Coavas Folding Desk looks like it has a natural wood desktop.

It features a natural wood grain texture along the surface which adds to its luxurious appeal.

However, it’s made from lightweight synthetic materials, making it easy to carry.

  • Ample Desk Space

There’s no need to worry about losing important desk space with the compact design of this unit.

The desktop is 31.49” wide, which is more than enough space for most monitors.

You’ll also find it’s 29.5” deep, offering plenty of room for your keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals.


  • Multifunctional design
  • Looks expensive
  • Feels sturdy when installed
  • Incredibly portable


  • Desktop bends with weight
  • Scratches easily

How To Get the Most Out of It

One of the largest concerns you might have with this desk is that it lacks center support.

If you put too much weight on the top, it could cause the desk to bend in the middle.

Adding extra support, such as another piece of wood mounted to the frame, could increase its reliability.

Another vital thing to consider when getting the most out of your new desk is maintenance.

Since this model’s surface features a waterproof coating, a damp, soft cloth is best for cleaning.

Or you can use a soft dry cloth for regular dusting, so it stays in its best condition.


The Sauder Harbor View Computer Desk is an excellent alternative for a large desk with plenty of storage and stability.

It’s a high-quality desk designed to fit into the corner of most offices.

There are many great features it offers, including:

  • Extra Storage: With this desk, you’ll have storage on both ends ranging from PC tower storage to a document drawer.
  • Built-In Keyboard Tray: There’s an integrated keyboard tray with safety stops under the desk to help you save more space on your desktop.
  • Cable Management: At the far corner of the desktop, you’ll notice a pre-drilled grommet designed for running your cables.


Our Coavas Folding Desk review showed us that this desk is a fantastic solution for small functional spaces.

You’ll find it has adequate space for your essentials and limits unnecessary storage.

If you’re curious about what a folding desk has to offer, this is one of the best models to consider.

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