How To Clean Your Office Desk

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People often believe that an unorganized and cluttered desk is a sign of intelligence.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. An office desk should always be clean, tidy and organized to allow for efficiency in work as well as comfort for everyone within the space.

It can be hard at times to keep your workspace clutter-free; there are many factors which could contribute to this such as daily use or bad habits you may have picked up throughout life. But with some effort, you will soon see how easy it is to maintain an organized environment without sacrificing creativity or productivity!

Read on to find out more about how to clean your office desk and keep it looking tidy and uncluttered.

Steps on How To Clean your Office Desk

Remove everything from your desk

Take a look around and make a mental note of everything on your desk or in hands. Once you have done this, place everything into a drawer, bin or box to be sorted out later. Sweep the surface of the desk with some cleaning spray and wipe away any dust with a cloth.

Do not leave anything on your desk as it may lead to disorganization.

Finally, place any important documents or paperwork into the appropriate file folder. Remember not to overload files with too much paper as this might make them hard to access later on. Be sure your desk is clutter-free before you start working again; it will be hard if there are papers and other items that need sorting.

Wipe all surfaces 

Wipe all surfaces with a cleaning cloth. To make sure you get all of the dirt, be sure to wipe underneath any desk drawers. You may also want to consider hiring a professional cleaner that can deep clean your desk and ensure every nook and cranny is on show!

Only Keep the essentials

Keep only the essentials; ask yourself what you need and why do you need it? How important is it and how often will you use it? If any of these questions make you unsure, then don’t put them on your desk.

File away  any paperwork

File away any paperwork you have been collecting to avoid cluttering your desk. Keep it high enough so that if a pile falls over, no one will trip on it. Be sure not to put anything under the piles as this might lead to misplacing or losing them completely!

Get rid of distractions

Keep only the things that will help you and get rid of everything that doesn’t: such as a mess of pens, cords and other tools. 

Be sure to place any items you want to keep in a filing cabinet or drawer away from your workspace so you do not get distracted by them when working!

To remove clutter from an overcrowded desk, consider investing in better storage and display cubes and trays to hold your items neatly.

You can find out more about how to clean your office desk by hiring a professional cleaner or taking a look at this article. Alternatively, you can also think about getting yourself an office filing cabinet which is built for easy use not only to find documents but to get them back into.

How To Clean Your Office Desk


Where should I store paperwork?

Be sure to place all important or sensitive documents in a filing cabinet or drawer away from eyes and hands. You can store the rest of the paperwork in a box, bin, or other storage away from your workspace.

How do I create more space if I don’t have any?

If you don’t have space for anything, then the best thing to do is get rid of what you can. If you can not bear to let go of something because it was given to you by someone special or it is sentimental, then try and find a better place where it will not be in everyone’s way. You could keep it in a shoebox or photo album somewhere out of sight, but still accessible.

How can I hide wires?

Get rid of the excess! If you have too many cords and wires, then think about investing in products that will allow you to store them away neatly. Some desks come with built-in wire management systems that allow you to place all your wires and cords behind, underneath or even above the desk.

How do I clean my office desk?

You should start by removing everything from your desk or wherever it may be located. Be sure to wipe down each surface with a cleaning cloth. It is also best to hire a professional cleaner that can deep clean your desk. They will take care of every nook and cranny so you don’t have to worry about it!

What if my desk is big but I don’t have a lot of space?

A great way to maximize your office desk’s useable surface is by placing items on multiple levels. Consider getting shelving units that can be placed above your desk, or desks with drawers that can be opened up underneath.

If you are worried about all the clutter on top of your office desk, then simply put it away in a filing cabinet for now! It will save you time looking for things later on. You can always take them out if you need them again.


So, now that you have read about how to clean your office desk and make it more efficient, think about hiring a professional cleaner to deep clean your workspace. It will save you time and effort in the long run!

If you work at home or own an office, the chances are you spend most of your waking hours there. And if you have a family, then that’s your second home. You should be looking after it! Keeping your office or home clean and tidy not only makes it look good but will help you to have a better work-life balance because you will enjoy being there more.

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