How To Hide Cords on Desk

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It can be really frustrating when cords are hanging out all over the place and getting in the way. Not to mention, they can be a safety hazard. Here are some tips for how to hide cords on your desk.

How To Hide Cords on Desk

Arrange Your Desk

If you have a desk with shelves or drawers, it is time to put them to use. When cables are left wrapped around the computer monitor, they can be dangerous if another person walked into the room and tripped over them. Organizing cables in drawers or on shelves also makes your computer space look cleaner and uncluttered.

Cable Raceway

There are many types of raceways available for hiding cables. This includes plastic tubing which you can cut to the right size and attach to your desk with adhesive, or bendable wire channels which can be used under desks or along walls.

These kinds of cable management devices not only make your cords look better, but they also keep them organized and out of the way.

Use Binders for Extra Length

If you have extra length on your cords, it can be difficult to find something suitable to route them through. This is not a problem if you have binder clips handy! Simply attach the clip to one end of the cord, and clip the other end to the desk.

Now you can easily run your cord along beside your desk without having it fall down in front of the monitor or behind the desk.

Cords into Drawers

This is another simple trick if you have drawers underneath or beside your computer workspace. Simply route cables through one of the drawers, and close it for a sleek look.

Cords Behind Your Desk

If your desk does not have any shelves, drawers, or binder clips, you can still keep cords hidden. Simply run them along the back of your desk using mounting tape or command strips. This way they are out of view from the front of the workspace, but are still easily accessible.

Under The Desk Rack

An easy way to hide cords under your desk, is to attach a cable rack. This can be placed underneath your desk or even on the wall beside it. This lets you place all of those power bricks and extra cables in one spot where they are easily reachable, but also hidden from the front of your workspace.

Tidy The Cable Ends

When cables are left with the ends all twisted up, it can be difficult to know which cord goes where. If you place the cables between your thumb and forefinger and pinch them together, they should naturally twist up tightly. On the other end of the cord, simply insert the pronged end into its outlet. This way you will never have to dig around looking for the correct cord again.

Management Boxes

If you have a group of similar cables, such as USB cords for your keyboard and mouse, keyboard, printer or speakers; it can be helpful to place them in an easy-to-access location. This way you don’t need to take apart your entire setup to swap out one cord for another. Cable management boxes can easily be attached underneath your desk, or in a drawer.

Cables can really add up to make a workspace look cluttered and disorganized. If you follow these simple steps, not only will the cords themselves look better, but they’ll be easier to access and use as well!

How To Hide Cords on Desk


Are there any cord covers that are more durable?

Another option would be to use 3M sticky hooks and then attach your cords that way. You can also find metal cable trays at most hardware stores which look better than plastic tubing, but they come in more expensive.

Is there anything that will hold up against a lot of movement?

You can use plastic cord clips which you attach directly to your desk. They come in black or white, and they are made out of solid plastic so they will hold up. Another option is to use plastic wire staples which you attach to your desk, and then attach the cords with an S hook at the end.

I’m concerned about my cords getting too hot with these products. Are they safe?

Nothing you purchase will make your cords hotter than they need to be, so this is not a problem.


Cord management can be a pretty simple way to improve the look of your desk and also make it easier for you to access your cords. Plastic cord covers, cable racks, and florist’s foam are all great options that won’t break any budget.

Much like binder clips, command strips, and 3M sticky hooks can help you clean up the area on your desk where cables are kept, cable management boxes can make it easier to swap out different cords.

If you need something sturdier than plastic tubing or wire binder clips, metal cable trays are another option.

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