How to Make Your Office Desk More Comfortable

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As if working in an office was not already hard enough, another thing that you have to deal with is comfort.

When you spend anywhere from six to twelve hours sitting in your office for anywhere from four to seven days per week, things can really start to hurt.

In other words, if you don’t sit properly and have the right pieces of equipment at your desk, your back, neck, arms, and legs will all end up in a great deal of pain.

And moreover, if this goes on for too long, then it can end up causing some pretty serious and permanent damage, especially to your back and neck.

Therefore, what we are here to do today is to provide you with the biggest and best tips on how to make your office desk more comfortable.

Steps to Make Your Office Desk More Comfortable

1. Having the Right Desk

Right off the bat, one thing that most people assume is that you have to sit down while working. Well, this is not true in the least. A new thing that has emerged over the past decade or so is the standing desk, or in other words, a desk that you quite literally stand at.

When it comes down to it, there are many people out there who find that standing at their desk is far more comfortable, especially for their back and legs. Now, this is of course a matter of personal preference, but if you are worried about posture and keeping it straight back, then standing up can definitely help.

Moreover, even if you don’t want to stand up at your desk, we still recommend getting an adjustable desk. These are desks that you can actually adjust for height. This way you can achieve the right desk position in relation to your own body, so you can maintain an ergonomic position.

2. Using Monitor Stands & Keyboard Trays

In order to make yourself as comfortable as possible at your office desk, you should also use things like monitor stands and recessed keyboard trays.

A monitor stand will allow you to raise your monitor up to a level so you no longer have to bend your head and neck down to see it. Not only will it keep you comfortable, but it also helps with organization.

The same thing really applies with an under desk recessed keyboard tray. This will allow you to lower your arms down to a level where your elbows sit at a 90 degree angle, thus allowing you to maintain proper posture.

Moreover, just like with the monitor stand, a recessed keyboard tray will also help with organization.

How to Make Your Office Desk More Comfortable

3. Using Wrist Supports

Yet another thing that you should do in order to make your desk as comfortable as possible is to use wrist supports, by which we mean a mouse pad and a keyboard pad, both of which having wrist supports.

These raised wrist pads will allow you to maintain proper position and will help to prevent your elbows, arms, and wrists from becoming painful. It’s something simple, and these things really only cost a few bucks, but they can go a long way in helping you maintain comfort in the office.

4. Having the Right Office Chair

When it comes to sitting at your desk, one of the worst possible things that you could do is to sit in a chair that is not ergonomic.

Remember that above all a good office chair needs to have fantastic back support, especially when it comes to lumbar support.

Many people also appreciate an office chair that has neck and head support. Remember that you want an office chair that can be adjusted for tilt, height, position, and more.

On that same note, adjustable armrests are a big deal too. Remember, everybody is different, so everybody needs to sit in a slightly different position, and this means that you need an adjustable office chair.

5. And Much More!

  • Remember that comfort is not always about being physically comfortable, but mentally comfortable as well. Therefore, it’s something that we recommend having on your desk to make your life a bit more comfortable is a nice little plant. A bit of greenery can go a long way in lifting your mood, plus it just looks nice too.
  • Offices are notorious places of conflict when it comes to temperature management, and therefore you should have a small heater and air fan combination to keep your own climate as you like it. There’s nothing worse than sweating buckets when you are trying to accomplish something.
  • Something else you can try doing is getting an anti-glare screen for your monitor, something that will cut black on the horrible glare caused by sunlight and office lights.


If you follow all of the tips that we have provided you with here today, you should have no problems maintaining a high level of comfort in your office.

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