How to Organize a Desk Without Drawers

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A lot of what we purchase nowadays is all about saving space and being functional. One example of this is the modern office desk. Many office desks are extremely minimalistic in nature and are designed to save space. While this might be fine for some people, it isn’t ideal for those that have a lot of items.

Simply put, many modern desks don’t have any drawers or storage space at all. If you have a lot of computer accessories, gadgets, papers, and office supplies, this can be problematic. This is often especially the case with standing desks.

Standing desks are becoming very popular due to their overall level of comfort and ergonomic friendliness. However, these standing desks often don’t have many storage capabilities.

Therefore, how to organize a desk without drawers is what we are going to cover today. We’ve got some really great organizational tips for you to follow.

How to Organize a Desk Without Drawers

1. Use the Walls

One big tip here is to use the walls to your advantage. You can use cubicle walls or real walls to help in terms of storage space. You can attach shelves to those walls using hooks, or you can hang up various items using simple little hangers.

There are also special vertical organizers that you can lean against the wall. These allow you to stack your items vertically, without taking up horizontal desk space. If your desk is going to be against a wall, you may as well make use of that wall for storage purposes.

Of course, things like pictures and calendars make for great items to hang up on walls. There’s no sense in having those things on your desk when you can hang them on a wall and save a lot of space.

2. Vertical Storage

We did mention vertical storage above. However, here we are not talking about vertical storage that you lean against the wall. Instead, what we are talking about is something like a classic stacked file organizer. The more vertical you can get with your organization, the more space you can save.

It’s the same principle of apartment buildings versus houses. Building upwards instead of outwards helps to save space. Therefore, any kind of organizer tray that you can get that allows for vertical organization is going to help save a lot of space.

Now, you don’t necessarily have to get only vertical storage trays. The main point here is that organization tends to be key when it comes to saving space. Even if you don’t have stackable or vertical organizers, being well organized will still help save space.

3. Keyboard Trays

Something that can help save you a lot of desk space is a simple keyboard tray. A keyboard tray can be mounted to the underside of a tabletop.

Keyboards are actually fairly large, so not having one on your desk will save a lot of space.

A keyboard tray generally also has enough room for a mouse. If you get a very deep keyboard tray, you may even be able to fit your laptop behind it, although this is somewhat unlikely.

A keyboard tray is also nice because you can adjust them for position, so you can be as ergonomically friendly as possible.

How to Organize a Desk Without Drawers

4. A Monitor Stand

To help save space on your desk, another good investment to make is a monitor stand. of course, if you are only using your laptop, then this is not really an option.

However, if you have a monitor attached to your laptop, or an old school computer with a monitor, then this can come in handy.

A monitor stand will raise the monitor upwards to help things ergonomic. However, another benefit is of course that you will have extra storage space under the monitor stand.

Just like a keyboard tray keeps your keyboard under the desk, a monitor stand keeps your monitor raised above the desk. Both allow for extra storage capabilities.

5. Using Side Rails & Rods

There are also many special contraptions, such as extension rods and side rails that can help increase your space. There are many types out there, so you need to choose the one that works best for you.

That said, these can be easily mounted to the sides of desks. Some work as small extension tables for added storage space. Others work as hangers where you can hang off his supplies.

There are also so-called tension rods that you can hang between the legs of the desk. You can then attach hooks to these, and hang a variety of office supplies from them.

6. Get Some Shelves and Cabinets

If you have enough space around the desk, another good option is simply to get some cabinets or shelves. Just because your desk itself doesn’t have any drawers or shelves doesn’t mean that you can’t have any beside the desk.


Using these six tips, you should be able to organize any desk whether it has drawers or not.

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