Where to Place Desk in Home Office

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These are of course fairly trying times and with the various things going on in our world, working from home has become much more common. People who used to work in professional offices in large buildings now work in their home offices.

If it is your first time setting up an office, especially a home office, then you might have some troubles figuring out where to put your desk and other items. Some people like their desk facing a window and some don’t, and so on and so forth.

Today we are going to provide you with some really valuable tips on where to place your desk in your home office, as well as all of the things that you need to consider when it comes to desk position.

What to Consider When Placing Your Desk

What we do want to clarify that at this time, we aren’t going to tell you that this way or that way is the best way to place your desk in your home office. However, what we do want to do is to provide you with all of the main considerations to keep in mind so you can then make your own informed decision on the matter.

1. Your View

When it comes to placing your desk in a home office, one of the most important things that you should consider is what view you want to have. The view you want to have really depends on what your own specific preferences are.

For instance, if you like a bit of scenery and you like an occasional distraction from work by being able to look out the window, then you could always place your desk facing a window.

However, some people might find that looking out a window is distracting, particularly for those who live in a busy area, in which case you might want your desk to face the wall. What can however be said is that the vast majority of people actually prefer to have their desk facing the door.

It’s something about our human nature that makes us want to be prepared and ready for anything, which means that keeping an eye on the entryway into the room is something that most of us want. It’s really whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.

2. Lighting & Windows

Not completely unrelated to the first point. What you should also consider when placing your desk in your home office is what kind of lighting you want.

Yes, this does have to do with windows. Now, the official recommendation that most designers will provide you with is that desks should be placed horizontally to windows or in other words, windows should be to your side rather than in front or behind you.

The reason you don’t want a window in front of you is that if the sunlight shines in, it’s going to blind you. The reason you don’t really want a window in behind you is because if the sun shines in, it’s going to create glare on your monitor, thus making it hard to see anything.

With that being said, being close to a window can be beneficial due to the natural light that you will get. Natural light is always better for the eyes than artificial light.

However, if you only have small windows, you don’t have any windows, or you just don’t want to be by a window, then you do want to consider the lighting in a room. If you have large overhead lights, it’s probably a good idea to place your desk under one of those overhead lights, so you will actually be able to see what you are doing.

Where to Place Desk in Home Office

3. Ventilation

Yet another thing that you should consider when choosing where to place your desk is what sort of ventilation you want.

Once again, windows will make a difference here, because of course, if you are near a window, you can always open one to get some fresh air. With that being said, if there are no windows in your office, or at least ones that do not open, then you may want to consider placing your desk under a ceiling fan.

If you don’t have a ceiling fan in the office, then you might want to consider placing your desk closer to the doorway, as this will allow you to feel some air coming in from the other rooms. Of course, that airflow doesn’t make much of a difference to you, then you can totally ignore this.

4. The Size of the Office

The other thing that you need to consider here is the size of your office compared to the size of the desk.

If you have a really small desk but a large office, then the possibilities are endless. If the office is large and the desk is small, you should consider placing it against a wall to leave the rest of the room open.

However, if you have an extremely large desk and a comparatively small office, then you will probably want to place it in the center of the room to provide yourself with enough working space and so you can move around the desk with ease.


Now that you know what all of the main considerations are to keep in mind, you can place your desk in the best possible location in your home office.

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